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Nice To Meet You

I’m Cati and this is Aiko,

Together we are the founders and co-owners of Canino. Since adopting Aiko 8 years ago while studying at GW, we have become inseparable. Aiko’s favorite activities include exploring every park and creek in D.C., chasing squirrels on the National Mall and, as of late, building our dream store.

Developed in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the concept of Canino came to life as I watched the demand for pet adoption in the city skyrocket. While shelters and rescue centers in the DMV area became nearly empty for the first time in their history, I knew that pet owners would want more than a typical off-the-shelf product for their new family member. 

When a recent hip surgery left me bedridden for nearly 6 weeks, Aiko and I spent our days researching luxury dog products and high quality food. We quickly realized most of the products were unavailable in any D.C. storefront. With a clear demand and lack of local supply, Canino was born. 


At Canino, we take pride in hand picking products that we know you and your dog will love. With carefully curated items that you cannot easily find anywhere else in D.C., Canino Dog Boutique is the perfect place to shop for all of your dog’s needs. 

We can’t wait to bring this space to the people and dogs of D.C. See you in the store! 

Cati & Aiko

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